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We know how much our clients and friends love animals, so as interesting cases come
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West Nile Virus

Sassy is a 9 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever that was seen for an annual
exam and vaccines.  It was noted on her physical exam that she had multiple
subtle hive-like skin lesions.  The owner wasn't aware of these lesions and
decided to monitor at home.
Within 2 weeks several of these lesions had broken open, draining blood-tinged
fluid.  We did biopsies and cultures.  At this point she had significant hair loss
wherever she had the lesions.  She also become lethargic, had a decreased
appetite and started drinking excessive amounts of water.
The biopsies confirmed a diagnosis of Sterile Pyogranuloma Syndrome, a
rare autoimmune disease where the immune system starts to destroy the skin

Although Sassy has some areas of permanent hair loss, she is happy and   
healthy and should be able to live a normal lifespam with no long term
problems .