Interesting Cases


Molly, an 8-year-old Golden Retriever, was seen because she was due to have a litter of
puppies but instead had vaginal bleeding and a green discharge.  Pregnancy had been
confirmed with an ultrasound five weeks prior.  She was bright and alert but was not
actively contracting.  The owner elected to have a c-section performed to get the puppies
out as quickly as possible.  An IV catheter was placed, fluids and pain meds administered
and she was anesthetized.  Seven puppies had been visualized on the ultrasound
according to the veterinarian that performed it, but only three were present at the time of
surgery - the other four had apparently been resorbed at some point earlier.  

Unfortunately two of the puppies were dead - their placentas were not present and one
was malformed - but the third puppy was alive and very active as soon as he was
surgically removed.  Because of Molly’s age and issues with the pregnancy, her owner
requested that she be spayed.  She and the puppy (now named Gabe) recovered
uneventfully and are doing great!