Interesting Cases


Poppers, a 15-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, had not had veterinary care nor been
groomed for over two years because of his “bad attitude”, i.e. aggression.  After a brief
exam while he was muzzled, he was lightly sedated so that blood could be drawn.  Pre-
anesthetic blood screening was normal and his heartworm test was negative.  An IV
catheter was placed so that fluids could be administered, he was anesthetized and
shaved down.

A dental cleaning was performed that included scaling, polishing, fluoride application and
extraction of several badly infected teeth.  Pain medications and antibiotics were
administered at the beginning of the procedures and were sent home to be continued by
the owner.  Poppers’ “makeover” was truly amazing, and he was much happier and
healthier because of it.