Dental Services
True or False

1. Dogs have 28
deciduous (baby) teeth
and 42 adult teeth?   

2. Most dogs will start
to erupt their adult
teeth around 3-4
months of age?

3. It is normal to see
double teeth in the
mouth after 6 months
of age?
(The patient in the
before picture has a
retained deciduous
(baby) canine tooth. As
you can see, there is a
considerable calculus
buildup between the
teeth and significant

4. The patient in the
After Picture is much
happier now that he
had his professional
prophy (cleaning) and
the deciduous tooth
was extracted.
(His owners were also
grateful that his breath
was improved.)
The most important part of a dental cleaning is
removing the plaque and tarter (and associated
bacteria) that accumulates under the gum line.
These bacteria release toxins that cause the
gums to become inflamed (gingivitis) and
eventually recede and expose tooth roots
(periodontal disease) which leads to abscesses
and tooth decay.

This always requires general anesthesia, and is
the only way to stop the progression of
periodontal disease. Simply removing visible
tartar on the teeth may make the teeth look
better but does not arrest the advance of painful
periodontal disease. General anesthesia also
allows us to thoroughly clean and polish all
surfaces of the teeth, perform extractions if
necessary and allows a thorough examination of
the entire oral cavity.

Please ask us about your pets' oral health
at their next examination. We also offer a
10% discount on dental cleanings in
December, January and February.