Raptor Rehabilitation
This "baby" Great Horned Owl, called Lucky, was blown out of it's nest
on April 19, 2012 during a storm.  It could not fly yet and was on the
ground in an area frequented by coyotes.  The bird was brought to us
in good shape, weighing 930 grams.  She is showing a defensive
posture in the first photo (clacking her beak at the same time).
She was dewormed and kept in a flight pen until she was released
in a branch of her nest tree in the evening on May 6th.  At that
time she could fly up and for about 50 yards and weighed 1290
grams, gaining almost 3/4 of a pound in 17 days!
(Notice she is eating a dead mouse!)
released in Northern Michigan.
Peregrine Falcon.  This
beautiful bird has a broken
wing and is heading to
surgery. Stay tuned....