Services we provide:
Our goal at Morrison Animal Hospital we believe preventative healthcare extends the life of our patients
and the quality of that life. Maintaining a healthy pet allows the human-animal bond to continue and
build for many years.

Wellness visits include a full head-to-tail examination by one of our veterinarians to assess the health of
the pet. Any questions or concerns regarding your pet's health are addressed at these visits.

Wellness exams are very important because our pets age much more rapidly than humans do, especially
in the later stages of their lifespan, and many chronic diseases can be effectively controlled with early
Senior Care:
By the age of 6-8, most pets are entering their senior years. Our pets are more likely to develop certain
metabolic diseases, heart problems, arthritis and other medical conditions as they age, similar to
processes seen in humans. These diseases often are insidious in their onset, and pet owners may be
unaware of their development.

We recommend a comprehensive exam every 6 - 12 months, depending on your pet's age, which
allows us to detect changes in your pet's physical condition. Because many age related diseases can
be controlled with early detection and treatment, we may recommend screening tests such as a blood
panel, urinalysis, or x-rays.
Our focus is to help your pets live fuller, healthier, and happier lives!
Vaccination guidelines for animals have undergone a major shift in the past several years. A series of
vaccinations for puppies and kittens is still critical to prevent devastating and often fatal diseases, like
Parvovirus and Distemper.

There is mounting and convincing evidence that suggests many vaccines that have been given annually
to adult animals can be given less frequently.

Some vaccines, such as Feline Leukemia Virus in cats and Lyme Disease in dogs, are only recommended
if the likelihood of exposure to these agents is high. We will tailor a vaccine protocol for your pet based
on their individual needs and lifestyle.
Dentistry: There are two primary problems that we see in pet's mouths - fractured teeth, and
periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is similar to that which occurs in humans. Approximately 85% of pets 3 years of
age and older have gingivitis or even more advanced periodontal disease. This can lead to painful
abscessed teeth or tooth loss, and may even affect function of the liver, kidneys and heart.

We are equipped to handle most dental care needs for your pet including prophylactic cleanings, tooth
extractions (when needed) with local nerve blocks, antibiotics and pain medications. Laser surgery is
also available for the removal of oral tumors or other masses in the mouth.

There is a vaccination available for dogs that will help prevent periodontal disease. Please be sure to
ask for more information about this important vaccine during your pet's next visit!
Laboratory Services:
We have an advanced in-house laboratory to provide:

Blood Chemistry Panels
Parasite testing
Cytology of cells (cell identification) from growths and masses
Diagnostic testing for many diseases such as Parvovirus and Heartworm infection in dogs, and Feline
Leukemia/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus infection in cats.

We utilize several commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized testing:

Histopathology of Biopsies
Infectious disease identification
Urinary stone analysis
Gastrointestinal disease identification
Allergy testing and much, much more
Radiology Services:
Morrison Animal Hospital has on site radiology equipment which allows our veterinarians to quickly
diagnose a wide range of conditions, from broken bones to congestive heart failure.

Our automatic film processor develops x-rays within minutes of the time they are taken, helping us
provide rapid treatment options for our patients.
At Morrison Animal Hospital, the safety and well-being of our patients is of utmost importance. For all
surgical procedures we will provide the following:

Pre-anesthetic examination of your pet by one of our veterinarians.
Pre-anesthetic blood testing is always recommended, no matter the age of the pet.
Pre- and post-operative pain medications are given for all surgical and dental procedures.

We use the safest available anesthetic agents.
Anesthesia is tailored to the individual pet depending on their age and health issues, such as heart
problems, kidney or liver disease.
IV fluid therapy is used in most cases.
Anesthetized patients are supervised by a veterinary technician. The technician is always evaluating
the electronic monitoring displays of respiratory and pulse rates, blood pressure readings, and oxygen
Laser Surgery:
Our doctors are well trained in the use of our laser surgery unit. For many surgeries the laser is vastly
superior to a scalpel, because it decreases bleeding, swelling and pain.

Cat declaws are always done with the laser because of the tremendous difference in post-operative
pain when compared to traditional declaw procedures.

The laser is always utilized for vascular areas such as the oral cavity, face, and rectum. Recovery from
laser surgery is dramatically easier because of the decrease in hemorrhage and pain.

Surgical procedures on ferrets with adrenal tumors and insulinomas are always performed with the

If a surgery is too complicated to be completed at our facility, or the client prefers a board certified
veterinary surgeon, we can refer them to one of several veterinary specialty centers in the area.

Microchip Identification:
Permanent identification with a microchip gives you the best chance of reuniting you with your beloved
pet should he or she become lost, or even stolen!

We've had excellent success reuniting pets with their families using the American Kennel Club's
Companion Animal Recovery System microchips.

A microchip, which is the size of a grain of rice and contains your pet's unique identification number, is
placed under the skin between the shoulder blades. Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and
humane societies nation wide have scanners that can read your pet's ID number. When your pet is
identified, you will be contacted and reunited with your pet.

Also, AKC Reunite, which are the chips we use, offer a poison control helpline.  Lifetime access is only
$15.00, compared to $49.00 per incident.  This could come in very handy!  1-800-252-7894.

For your convenience, we carry a full supply of heartworm and parasite preventatives, flea and tick
medications, dietary supplements and prescription medications. Our clients may call ahead for
medication refills which will be ready upon arrival.  We also have an extensive on-line store offering
convenient home delivery, which can be reached through your pet portal on our home page.

Often the hardest part of having our pets is being able to let them go peacefully when they no longer
have a reasonable quality of life. At Morrison Animal Hospital we offer private, compassionate, and
painless euthanasia services, as well as a variety of aftercare services.
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