Meet our staff:
Dr. Kevin Smyth worked at the animal hospital at the Detroit Zoo when he
was in high school. He graduated from Michigan State University's College
of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 as a member of the Society of Phi Zeta, the
Veterinary College Honor Society.

He has practiced in small animal, equine and emergency medicine since then
with a special interest in internal medicine cases, ferret medicine, laser
surgery, birds of prey rehabilitation and working with falconers.

In 2001 he and his partner, Dr. Michele Arkens, purchased Morrison Animal
Hospital from Dr. Stuart Morrison, who retired after owning the practice for
28 years.

Dr. Smyth is married to his wonderful wife Colleen, and has 3 sons and a
daughter. He also has a Bernese Mountain Dog named Ulli, 2 cats, a fish,
hermit crabs and a flock of chickens to look after.
Dr. Michele Arkens is a 1981 graduate of Michigan State University's
College of Veterinary Medicine. She practiced in Dearborn Heights for 20
years before buying Morrison Animal Hospital with Dr. Smyth in 2001.
Many of her clients have been with her for as long as she has been a
veterinarian and now are on their third or fourth generation of pets.

She enjoys working with clients as they become like an extension of her
own family. Her goals are to educate, practice high quality medicine and
offer choices for excellent health care.

Dr. Arkens has 3 grown children, 3 Collies, 2 corgis, 4 cats and 2
miniature ponies which makes for an interesting and fulfilling home life.
Meet the Licensed Veterinary Technicians:
Debbie has been with Morrison Animal
Hospital when it opened in 1973, and
received her Veterinary Technician License in
1994. She is married, has a son, daughter
and 2 grandsons. She shares her home with
two dogs (Boo and Cash),  several cats and a
tortoise named Trixie
Sandy has worked at Morrison
Animal Hospital since 2001 and has
been a Licensed Veterinary
Technician since 1992. She and her
husband are blessed with 2 sons,
and have several treasured pets.
Cherie has been working in the veterinary
field since 1994.  She graduated from the  
Veterinary Technician program and
received her license in 2001.  She has
been with her wonderful husband since
1991.  They have 2 amazing children and
a new dog named Porter, as well as 2
cats, Honey and Pickles
Jane has 3 dogs, Carlie,
Riley and Spike.  She also
has 2 cats and 5 birds.
Meet our receptionists:
Sue has been working as a receptionist at Morrison Animal Hospital since 1990. She
enjoys serving the pets and their families in this community as well as helping the
Dearborn Animal Shelter find forever homes for their fostered pets.

Cindi started working at Morrison Animal Hospital after completing a Veterinary
Assistant program in September 1992.  She is married and
has 2 children and 3
grandchildren.  She shares her home with 4
cats and 2 dogs.

Cindy 2.0 started in the Veterinary field in 2007.  She began as kennel help and worked her way up
to receptionist.  She became part of the Morrison Animal Hospital team in 2013.  She has also
studied Veterinary Assistance.  Cindy has 3 dogs Sparky Anderson, Cocoa, and Amethyst.
Meet our veterinary assistants:
Jessie started working with Morrison
Animal Hospital in 2012. She plans on
becoming a licensed veterinary nurse.
Scraps and Duckie, her two cats,
keep her company when at home.
Kiara is a veterinary assistant whose goal is to become a veterinarian.
She was first welcomed in the Morrison Animal Hospital family in January
2016 and was hired that August. She will be graduating from Madonna
University in May 2018 with a bachelors degree in Biology/Chemistry with
a focus on Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and plans to continue onto vet
school afterwords. She has 3 cats at home: Milo, Su-Lyn & Jasper.
Dr. Richard Ham is a 2007 graduate of the Royal Veterinary College of
London. (Thats a Welsh accent not Australian!!)

He moved to the United States in 2009 and now lives in Dexter, MI with
his wife Natalie and two children, Callum and Lily. Alongside them are
three cats: Emma, Huckleberry and Gatsby.

Dr. Ham started working for Morrison Animal Hospital in December of
2012. He enjoys the many various aspects of first opinion practice, with a
particular interest in soft-tissue surgery and internal medicine. Dr.Ham
strives to develop strong relationships with his clients as they work
together to provide the very best health care for their pets.