Curbside and virtual care appointments available now. Learn More
Curbside and virtual care appointments available now. Learn More
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Virtual Care Appointments

If you are worried about coming in for your appointment, re-check or prescription refill, consider using our online telemedicine/telehealth solution: Airvet. Through the Airvet app, you can connect via your cell phone or iPad with our veterinarians to have a virtual appointment from the comfort of your home. We will be able to answer questions and work with you to determine if your questions and pet’s condition can be addressed through a chat or if it would be better taken care of in person.

Download the AirVet app here

Curbside Appointments

We are also offering Curbside Assistance and drop off appointments to all clients. We will meet you at your car, Your pet will be brought into the hospital by a team member, the doctor will do an exam and any questions/conversations will be by phone. Payment for services will be curbside as well and expected after the visit is complete. Please fill out our curbside history form before you arrive for your appointment

Curbside History Form

Ongoing Precautions

To all of our wonderful clients: 

We at Morrison Animal Hospital would like to inform you of the steps that we have implemented to continue to serve you and your beloved pets, as well as reduce risks of exposure to the coronavirus. When scheduling your appointment, there is an online form that you will need to fill out prior to your visit. Once you arrive, we ask that you remain in your vehicle with your pet and notify the receptionist via phone that you have arrived for your appointment. At that time you will speak with a nurse to confirm information regarding the visit. We will have a staff member come out to your vehicle and bring your pet into the hospital where a full examination and planned treatment will be offered via telephone. We may either Facetime or talk via phone whichever is available. Please make sure you provide a proper phone number and have your device fully charged to avoid interruptions during the visit. In order to insure your pets safety, please have a snug fitting collar with identification tags and a leash on your dog. WHEN A STAFF MEMBER COMES TO YOUR VEHICLE, ALL DOGS THAT CAN NOT BE CRATED WILL BE PLACED ON A SLIP LEASH TO PREVENT ESCAPE. ALL CATS AND SMALL DOGS MUST BE IN A CRATE. The slip leash will be an additional assurance that your pet will be safe. We ask that you place the leash on your pet while in your vehicle and remove the pet from the car when an assistant meets you outside. You will need to stay in your vehicle while the examination is performed. After the visit is completed, a staff member will return your pet to the vehicle.

We are also offering drop off appointments for your pet (exceptions are for pets that exhibit any coughing or respiratory signs that may be contagious. Please let us know if your pet has been in a kennel, daycare facility or dog park within 3 weeks of the clinical signs). For drop offs, you will still need to call and speak with a nurse so we can insure that proper information is relayed to our doctors.

We are continuing to provide services as before to both ill and healthy pets but the ill pets will be given priority. The well visits are just as important (especially for our puppies and kittens). Our examinations have been extended to 40 minutes which makes for less number of appointment availability. If your pet is injured or critically ill, we will still be able to care for them. Please call if you have special needs as we are here to help.

To insure that all are safe, we ask that all payments be via credit card, scratchpay, or CareCredit. Please let us know when you schedule an appointment what medications you may need refills for, or any heartworm, flea or tick preventatives needed. If we are aware of this information, it will avoid unnecessary delays in your visit. 

Our concern is for our pets, clients and staff members. If we help each other during this very concerning time and practice the CDC guidelines then we can still provide for your pet and reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19. Thank you for being part of the Morrison Animal Hospital Family.


Michele Arkens DVM